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Teams '2022'

7/8U Cyan Bannister

10U Violet

12U Maroon Williams

12U Aqua Kenyon

12U Navy Thomas

14U Blue Clark

14u Green Adamo

14U Maize Jurczak

16U Purple Horne

16U Magenta McCune

18U Teal Eagan

18U White Graczyk

Open Red Zak




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 Title   Description
Athnet   Recruiting tool
College Board   College Board (SAT, ACT, AP)
Convert GPA to 4.0 Scale   Convert your HS grade average to College 4.0 GPA
Div I Schools   A List of all Division I Colleges
Div II Schools   A list of all Division II Schools
Div III Schools   A list of all Division III Schools
First Choice Recruiting   First Choice Recruiting Tool
How to get Recruited   How to get Recruited for College Ball
National Letter of Intent   Official Site for the National Letter of Intent (Info)
NCAA   NCAA Student Athlete Page
NCAA Banned Drugs   Banned Drug List for 2014-2015
NCAA Div 1 Initial Eligibility   Initial Eligibility for Division 1
NCAA Div 2 Initial Eligibility   Initial Eligibility for Division 2
NCAA Div 3 Initial Eligibility   Initial Eligibility for Division 3
NCAA Eligabilty (GET IT!!)   Get you College Eligabilty and Clearinghouse number
NCAA Eligibility Requirements   Requirements to play NCAA Sports
NCAA Official Softball Page   Official NCAA Softball Page
NCAA Recruiting   NCSA Recruiting Service
SAT Information   Information on SAT exams
Softball Scholarships   Softball Recruiting/Scholarships